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Purple Martin Houses

Purple Martin Houses

A Purple Martin can eat 2000 mosquitoes a day.

Heath Martin Houses are available in a variety of sizes. They are made of aluminum and are designed to be mounted on the Heath MP-15 telescoping pole. The apartment floors snap-out for easy cleaning. As your colony grows, so can the house. The Heath wooden houses are made of 3/4 inch lumber and Masonite room dividers and include the mounting pole.

Lone Star offers three models: a 14-compartment, the "Alamo", a 12-compartment, the "Goliad," and an 8-compartment, the " San Jacinto ". Each of the houses are constructed of .040 gauge white aluminum. All of the compartments measure 6" x 6" x12". Each house offers easy access hinged doors for nest checks and nest removals.

We also have put Bird Abode Super Gourds and Lone Star together to create a top of the line Gourd Rack System.
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Nature House Inc. is the pioneer in manufacturing aluminum purple martin housing, and offers a complete line of accessory items to make hosting ´┐ŻAmerica's most wanted bird´┐Ż safe and easy for both the birds and their host.

S&K's Purple Martin Houses are filled with features! First of all, these sturdy houses, made of Polypropylene Copolymer Plastic, have been tested in winds in excess of 50mph. They assemble easily without tools and provide years of enjoyment. Couple an S&K Manufacturing House with S&K's Tri-Tel/Quad-Tel Pole and you have the perfect system for attracting Purple Martin Families! One Purple Martin eats up to 2000 flying insects each day, and a few mosquitoes! S&K Makes the houses in a variety of colors, to fit any style of landscaping. New this year, we've designed a starling and predator resistant opening that lets Martins in and keeps others out! It's Quickly becoming the industry's standard! Martins depend on Humans for housing.

Note: We no longer sell the Tri-Tel Pole on our site. The Quad-Tel is the same size but is made in 4 sections instead of 3. This makes for lower shipping cost to you. However, if you still want the Tri-Tel Pole, please call 918-658-8956 and I can find out the latest cost of the pole plus shipping and order it for you from the manufacturer.